Our Top 3 Mobile App Picks for Father’s Day

Super Hero. Exterminator. ATM. For many kids, these terms are synonymous with “Dad.” From wiping their tears after scraping a knee, to wiping your own after you get the college tuition statement, you make fatherhood look easy. We salute you! And to make your life just a little bit easier, we offer these handy mobile apps to help you, regardless of what stage of fatherhood your currently find yourself currently. 

The App: mPregnancy- for Men
The Cost: $2.99
The Expert: Parent Magazine

The Skinny: For Fathers-to-Be

Sometimes it seems like mothers get all the luck. They’re often the first to know that life is about to change significantly, and they get to spend nine extra uninhibited months with your new houseguest. Not to mention how much more mothers are catered to during pregnancy. It’s enough to make even the least sensitive men feel just a little bit left out. Ah, not anymore guys.  mPregnancy is a mobile phone app that helps get dads off the bench and into the game. Maybe flipping through baby books just isn’t your thing and…well, let’s not even talk about the pictures. This helpful app allows dads-to-be to understand pregnancy in a way that makes sense to men! With helpful hints, weekly updates about what to expect and even tips on how to deal with an emotional pregnant partner, this app is one that expectant father’s will enjoy.

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Available on iPhone

The App: FamZoo
The Cost: $5.95/month (Free 2 month trial!)
The Expert: GrowingRichKids.com

The Skinny: For In-betweeners

The only thing more likely to make you cry than seeing the difference in your Gross and Net pay, is knowing that pretty soon those little people you helped create will be asking for their share of the funds. Over the years many parents have found it challenging, not only to manage their own bank accounts and keep up with their children’s allowances, but also to teach their children how to responsibly handle the money they earn; thus, mobile allowance trackers were born. FamZoo is a flexible mobile app that allows parents to track their children’s finances and help them learn to make smart fiscal decisions. The best part: If you’re out and about and don’t know if your child has truly earned enough to buy that [insert must have item] they absolutely cannot live without, you can check within a matter of minutes whether or not they have the money in their allowance to afford it. It also has a nifty goal manager that allows them to designate how much they want to save and identify how long it will take them to reach that goal. Created by a father trying to manage the allowances of five children, this app is a great teaching and planning tool.  

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Available on iPhone/iPad


The App: Oovoo
The Cost: Free
The Expert: PC Mag

The Skinny: For Empty-nesters

We may not have our flying cars yet, but we can finally cash in on at least one of the checks the future promised us, video-chat. Oovoo, though a few years old, has redefined itself to be the hip, cool new way to video chat. The easy to navigate app offers good audio quality and has smooth video connections, unlike the choppiness of some of its more well-known competitors. While we know how excited you are to finally have the house back to yourself, you can use this app to say hi to your new college freshman, stay in touch friends and family and even see your grandchildren do some of those great things you may have otherwise missed. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to have group chats with up to 5 people. Touted as the best video chat app for Android as well as the best multi-platform video calling solution available, Oovoo is definitely worth checking out.

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Available on Android and Apple Devices


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